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Incentivized Freebie Websites

Incentivized Freebie Websites

Is It Possible to Make Money with Incentivized Freebie Websites? Many of us have been staying in the internet long enough to be skeptic about free online offers. We encounter the flashing ads and promotions offering free phones, laptops, tablet PCs, and MP3 players almost at a daily basis and sometimes clicking on them just leads to a long and puzzling series of website maze that doesn’t get you anywhere. This gets frustrating and you vow never to click on one ever again.

But did you know that not all of them are scams or deceitful channels to promote websites? Some are actual legitimate offers which doesn’t just give you the chance to receive free items, but also give you the opportunity to earn money. These legitimate freebie promotions are all part of the business model called incentivized freebie websites.

What are Incentivized Freebie Websites and How Do they Work?

Incentivized freebie websites, also referred to by some as freebie websites, are sites which offers advertising and promotion partnerships with companies and act as a hub where consumers can earn incentives through promotion offers sponsored by the incentivized freebie website’s company partners.  Incentives vary greatly ranging from high tech gizmos and gadgets, home items, to cash.

Most legitimate incentivized freebie websites have trading forums for their members where they can find promotion offers, engage in freebie site competed trading, and even get referrals. To gain access to these trading forums, you will of course need to sign up for a membership account. Some incentivized freebie websites offer training and tutorial support for their members to help them understand the system better.

Basically, incentivized freebie websites work by requiring its members to complete all the requirements set by a promotion offer. For example, a promotion offer will give a certain incentive if a member is able to meet a 10 person referral limit. Now, if you are finding it difficult to meet your requirements, you can go to the trading forums and find members who are willing to trade their signing up for some form of compensation.

Ways to Make Money with Incentivized Freebie Websites

With the popularity of incentivized freebie websites, there are now various different ways to make money with the system, generally though they fall into three basic methods. First, is through the more common sign ups and site completion. Each completed offer will earn you the incentive. Second, is through “hiring” out your sign ups. You can get compensation to be a part of someone’s referrals. And third, is through building your own incentivized freebie website. This is for experienced and serious online marketers. You can create your own website, look for advertisers, and market your service.

The Bottom Line on Incentivized Freebie Websites

The system utilized by incentivized freebie websites is perfect for most of us, especially those that do not have much experience in online marketing or doing business. It’s a risk free cost effective program that will not get you rich but it does offer some income for your online efforts.

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Making money with the DollarDays system. The capacity of any retail selling business to earn profits is influenced greatly by a number of factors, one of which is its capability to get wholesale products at very cheap prices. Large retail companies make a killing in their profits because they have many connections and partners in the manufacturing industry which allows them to take advantage of these huge discounts. Small retailers though are not able to take advantage of these cheap prices because they usually cannot afford to make bulk purchases. Luckily, DollarDays can change all that.

DollarDays can provide small businesses the benefits and advantages that large companies enjoy by offering wholesale bulk prices even for smaller wholesale prices. As the company itself puts it, they sell by the case in truckload prices.

DollarDays Company Overview

An online wholesale distributor, DollarDays is the solution for many small online retailers as they offer very low prices in their wholesale closeout sales. Even when purchasing a single case, you can expect cheap and affordable prices usually reserved for companies that buy by the truckload. Small online business that doesn’t have much capital don’t have to be burdened by large minimum purchases to take advantage of the big discounts, DollarDays has low wholesale purchase minimums but still offers the same huge discounts available with large bulk wholesale purchase minimums.

DollarDays is the premier online source for retailers whether it’s just starting up or already existing. With more than 140,000 top quality products, you can easily find all the retail store products that you require. At DollarDays, you can find a wide range of product lineups from toys, household items, clothes, jewelrey, footwear, pet products, and anything else that you can think of.  And DollarDays doesn’t just help small retailers by giving them great savings; the company also offers a solid support system to ensure that your business goes smoothly.

Making Money with DollarDays

To start your partnership with DollarDays you will first need to open your account with them. Registration is free. Once you have an account you will now get access to their wide range lineup of products and be able to take advantage of their huge discounts. You can then choose from their various product choices and once you have paid for it, it will then be delivered to you.

If you are not yet an existing online retail business owner, you can opt to enroll in their Distributorship program. Signing up for this program will require a one time registration fee of $99. Included in your distributorship package is a website that the company will make for you. They will put in the company name and logo that you have chosen and they will also be responsible for maintaining the site and listing the products in your site. Your job on the other hand is to set the prices that you deem appropriate for the products to earn you profit, sell them, and more importantly market and promote your website.

DollarDays was founded in 2001 by Marc Joseph who serves as the present president of the company.

DollarDays Review Conclusion

Possibly a good way to make money online, DollarDays provides the opportunity and advantage that has long been out of reach for small business owners. There are various options to  make money with the company and if you want to save more money, you can just start with a small website or blogsite and just expand later on.

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ProjectPayday, making money online without a website. Most home-based business opportunities today require that you have a website of your own. If you plan on making money through advertising or affiliate marketing, having a blog site at the very least is necessary. Some network marketing programs provide their members their own websites as landing pages and rarely do they come free. Having a website means one thing, you need to market and promote it to increase its traffic. If you don’t want to do much online marketing and maintaining a website, then you may want to consider the ProjectPayday online income opportunity.

An Overview of the ProjectPayday Program

ProjectPayday is one of the Incentivized Freebie Websites that has become increasingly popular with many online entrepreneurs. Also known as Freebie Websites, IFWs like ProjectPayday is not really a business or a job but rather a system which allows companies to advertise and the consumers to earn extra cash, receive free stuff, or get superb savings on products and services.

When you become a member of the ProjectPayday program you not only gain access to their rich resources for freebies promotions and paid surveys, but you will also receive training and education on how to take advantage of the system. Those who have had some experience with Incentivized Freebie Websites have learned how to do some IFW trading. Here they have learned how to optimize their resources in maximizing the potential gains and rewards of each promotion they get involved in.

Costs, Rewards, and Incentives with ProjectPayday

Getting a ProjectPayday membership may not cost you anything, that is if your able to complete an offer or promotion of a sponsor. If not, or if you want to immediately gain membership, you can forgo the sponsorship route and just pay the $34.95 one-time lifetime membership fee. Your membership comes with training videos, a 65-page training guide, and the support and training of two mentors.

There are a wide range of promotional offers that you can find in their forum. The amount of money that you can potentially earn will depend on the offers available and if you are able to complete them. Some offers will require you to make a certain number of referrals. Once you have met the required number the sponsor company will send you the advertised free product. Some of these incentives can be expensive gadgets and equipment which you can sell for a good profit.

Founder of ProjectPayday

In the ProjectPayday website you will see the name of Monika St. John as a co-founder. No other names are available as well as other company details. BBB gives ProjectPayday an A- rating and this already says a lot about its reputation.

ProjectPayday Bottom Line

Making money is indeed possible with ProjectPayday. It’s a legitimate program that may not get you rich or build you residual income but it does what it promises. Making extra cash with ProjectPayday takes some effort and good attention to detail, if you do your homework, learn about the program well, and make wise decisions, you will surely receive great rewards.

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Keyword Evolution

Keyword Evolution

The Keyword Evolution, just like a dish that you seem to never get done right, online marketing requires a crucial balance of all the necessary elements to make it effectively work. Without the proper keywords, all your efforts in search engine optimization will most likely just go to waste. Despite following all the steps that you have learned in SEO and online marketing, if you don’t do any keyword research you’ll never get the results that your aiming for, which is of course to rank high in search engine results pages and get traffic flowing into your site.

Getting the perfect keyword into your content makes all the difference between failing with your online business and becoming successfully wealthy with it. Without the proper research tool, you’ll be making a lot of guesswork and experimenting with the keywords that you use and in the online market, this means wasting money. Using Keyword Evolution will take out the guesswork in your SEO campaign and drive tons of traffic to your site and of course, profit will follow.

Keyword Evolution Service

Keyword Evolution is essentially a keyword research tool service that guarantees you will find keywords that will generate profit for you. Easy to use and extremely powerful, Keyword Evolution doesn’t just look for the most popular and most searched keywords for your niche, but it also searches low competition keywords that yields high profit quality leads. Using these keywords as the center of high quality site content heightens your online business’ earning potential.

Keyword Evolution uses a special algorithm to look for these profitable keywords and you will be given several to choose from, or you can use all of them. Unlike all the other keyword research tools that you can find online, Keyword Evolution doesn’t just churn out any keywords that associates with your niche market, but carefully selects the best and most appropriate ones that will deliver topnotch traffic to your site.

And if you register with Keyword Evolution, you will also receive a free copy of their highly popular literature in online marketing entitled “Free Traffic Formula.” Inside this publication you will find valuable and crucial information on how to increase your website traffic and your online profits.  Based from the company’s own experiences, you will discover proven effective methods which have allowed them to make their small network of websites grow to epic proportions.

Keyword Evolution Costs and Fees

To enjoy the benefits and advantages of the Keyword Evolution keyword research tool, there is a $147 fee that needs to be paid first. This comes with free year round any time email support from their experienced customer service staff and it also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Keyword Evolution Summary

Keyword Evolution certainly rises above from the stiff and fierce completion in the keyword research tool industry. Their innovations set them apart from the rest and they don’t just rely on what is popular. They actually give keyword search results that produce true traffic influx and this means profits.

$50.00  Keyword Evolution Savings

Become a free Gold Member with Internet Income University HERE, once inside go to the Affiliate Income Streams tab and receive a promo code for a $50.00 discount when you purchase Keyword Evolution.

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Lightspeed Panel

Lightspeed Panel

Online surveys have grown immensely popular through the years as it has given amazing benefits to both sides of the market. Companies have been able to compile valuable data to improve their business and consumers get the opportunity to earn extra cash. Right in the middle of all this are online survey companies like Lightspeed Panel.

Lightspeed Panel Overview

One of the top online survey companies operating in a global scale, Lightspeed Panel has built a solid and untarnished reputation throughout the years of its operation which has earned the trust of not only their company clients, but also the numerous members of their survey panel from all over the world. And anyone over the age of 18 can be a part of this panel.

The Lightspeed Panel business model doesn’t deviate far from the common operation structure of online surveys programs. You of course would have to sign up for a membership. Unlike other sign up forms, you will need to answer several other personal questions which will tell the company what type of person you are and your preferences. This is essential as this will qualify you for certain surveys. The more details you provide will qualify you for more surveys.

Once you’re a member, you will be sent surveys which you may qualify for, you don’t automatically qualify for it and may need to get past an initial qualifying stage to get started with it. If you do, then you may receive anywhere from seventy five to three hundred points.

Lightspeed Panel operates a point reward system in their compensation plan. These accumulated points can be exchanged or redeemed either for cash, or for other premium items like certificates, merchandises, or any other products that the company features in that period.

Lightspeed Panel Membership Costs

How much will it set you back to be a part of the Lightspeed Panel network? Like most reputable online survey companies leading the industry today there are no membership costs. Everything is voluntary, no one will be pressuring you to take surveys when you don’t want to and you don’t have to spend money to make money.

But if you do decide to participate in as many surveys as you can, you will discover that Lightspeed Panel offers one of the more lucrative payouts for answering surveys, on an average, every 100 points can earn you around a dollar.

The Lightspeed Panel Heritage

Lightspeed Panel is owned by the WPP Group, the world’s largest advertising organization and a part of their subsidiary the Lightspeed Research group. Their solid performance in the different industries the company is part of reflects greatly the reputation and performance of Lightspeed Panel.

Lightspeed Panel Review Summary

Adding up all the facts mentioned above, Lightspeed Panel possibly is a choice for people seriously looking for the chance to earn some extra cash doing online surveys. And one of the best features of Lightspeed Panel is that compared to other online survey sites they offer more surveys to their members allowing more income and faster accumulation of the minimum payout points.

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Lifevantage Scam

Lifevantage Scam

It seems that no matter how much success an MLM opportunity has there’s no escaping the scam stigma that plagues the online market. Not that there is no truth to some of these so called scams, in fact, there is probably more MLM scams out there than legitimate ones, but some of them don’t deserve to be called as such, like the Lifevantage scam rumor.

The Lifevantage Business Model and Online Opportunity

Some people see Lifevantage as just another corporation competing in the health and industry market peddling anti-aging products. With the company’s MLM business structure, this market reputation is further exploited by naysayers as the network marketing concept is getting dragged down by other scrupulous online income opportunities using the same operation structure. Publicly traded, Lifevantage has always been a company that has kept its company and its operation open to public scrutiny. This is even more evident with their network marketing program.

As an MLM based company, Lifevantage provides the opportunity for people to partake in their highly profitable business and generate some extra income. Lifevantage offers the option of having a full or part time independent business as a distributor of their products.

As a distributor for Lifevantage you have two ways of making an income, first is through selling their products and second is by recruiting others to join the network and be a part of your MLM group. Selling Lifevantage offers a direct method of generating income as you make commission for every product that you sell, recruiting on the other hand offers various different incentives and methods of earning commissions. Like most MLM systems, the more persons you recruit the bigger chances you will have to earn commissions and bonuses as well as build a solid residual income which you can enjoy later on.  Maybe the Lifevantage scam is a rumor.

Costs of Becoming a Lifevantage Distributor and the Lifevantage Compensation Plan

Lifevantage offers various levels where a person can start becoming one of their distributors. The low rung starter kit costs $50 to avail and the higher distributor packs cost $600. Aside from the profits selling retail, there are six other compensation methods offered by the company, these include their Fast Start Bonus, Infinite Fast Start Bonus, Fast Start Bonus Pool, Royalty Commission, Generational Matching Bonus, and the Elite Bonus Pool.

The History and Roots of Lifevantage

Founded in 2003, Lifevantage experienced a skyrocketing rise in popularity and company growth in 2005 when ABC featured its products in one of its shows. This exposure propelled the company’s stocks and made it one of the more reliable companies in the health and wellness industry. Today, the company is spearheaded by its CEO and President David Brown.

The Lifevantage Scam Summary

Its solid reputation in the industry makes Lifevantage a potentally safe and reliable investment. The success of many of the Lifevantage independent distributors shows that there is probably not a Lifevantage scam to be afraid of and with the proper online marketing and distribution network, you too might find great success with Lifevantage.  Although we have only looked at the business operations and not the products of  Lifevantage.

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Dollar Surveys Review

Dollar Surveys Review

Getting paid for doing online surveys is ranked as one of the easiest online income generating opportunity available today. You don’t need to have a particular skill set to profit from it and you don’t have to come up with any capital investments to get started. This growing mass appeal has led to the creation of numerous online survey websites and Dollar Surveys is a name that has grown quite popular in this industry.

An Overview of Dollar Surveys

Dubbing itself as a “self-service online survey program”, Dollar Surveys is as simple as any online survey website business can get. If you have signed up with paid survey websites before then you already have a general concept. Essentially, you register with the website to get your account, answer some surveys, get credits for surveys you completed, and when you have accumulated the minimum amount set by the company for cashing out, you can redeem your rewards.

The Dollar Surveys business model essentially trims off the fat from the whole process and narrows it down to a simple and straightforward three step procedure. Dollar Surveys doesn’t require any membership sign ups or registrations, instead of the usual first step of filling out online membership forms, all you have to do is to give them your PayPal email information so that they could send you the money you have earned from answering surveys. You can instantly participate in a paid survey after that.

The next step is to take the actual survey. Dollar Surveys will direct you to a survey that is currently being run and be determined if you qualify for it. If you don’t, you can go back to the Dollar Surveys website and get directed to other surveys.

The final step is getting paid and that’s the whole process.

The Dollar Surveys Income Opportunity Costs and Compensation

No registration means no registration costs. You can go to the Dollar Surveys site and participate in a paid survey anytime you want. Just follow the first two steps. You don’t have to shell out any money to get the opportunity to earn extra cash with the Dollar Surveys program.

As straightforward as the business model of Dollar Surveys is their compensation plan, as their name implies, you get a dollar for every survey that you complete. There is also no minimum payout. Dollar Surveys usually send out payments one week after a person completes a survey and even if you just made one survey, your PayPal account will be credited for that single survey.

Perhaps what is only unclear about Dollar Surveys is the identity of the owners of the business.


Overall, Dollar Surveys may just be the kind of paid survey program that many other programs should try to emulate. Its direct and upfront operation doesn’t confuse like some of the complicated and complex structures of others and you don’t have any obligations or pressures to deal with. You decide when you want to make some money with Dollar Surveys, how much you want to make, and stop anytime you want to without fear for any consequences.


I have signed up and tried to complete surveys on Dollar Surveys. After completing 6 surveys I was told after each one that I didn’t match the criteria. I am not so sure you would be able to make any amout of income with this system.

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ProjectPayday Scam

ProjectPayday Scam

Amongst all the offers that are on the internet today are free systems that offer to assist you to make money. One such offer could be ProjectPayday scam.  The question that can be asked is ProjectPayday scam or for real?  To evaluate this, an overview of what it comprises of will give an indication.

Business Model

The basic concept of the projectpayday system works on showing the user how to sign up and promote “CPA Offers.”  CPA stands for “Cost Per Action” and is basically incentivised offers that are promoted to consumers to take action.  When they do take action, you receive payment.  For example, the offer could be “Enter Your Email Address to Win a Free iPad” or “Complete Your Details to Receive a Free Weight Loss Program.”  So the business model is that you sign up for these types of offers and promote them by driving traffic to them.  You then receive commission when someone fills out their details or accepts the trial.

There are many people out there who are actually earning money doing this.  The thing to ensure is that you are really promoting something that you will get return on.  There are many positive feedbacks regarding ProjectPayday, but there are also many negative responses as well.  Unfortunately, you will find this in relation to many money making offers on the internet.

How To Get Started, Fees, Bonuses & Guarentees

Getting started with ProjectPayday scam is very easy. You create a free account and then follow the instructions given.  Using the system, they claim that it is possible to start earning money from the very first day, after spending a total of 4 hours: 2 hours of training and then a further 2 hours of implementation.  The idea is for the user to understand the system entirely before promoting it, so as to earn money via PayPal.  The claims of amounts that can be earned might be unrealistic.  No special skills are required- anyone can do it.

There are no fees at all to sign up and the average person can earn up to $ 44.00 per hour.  Project Payday offers FREE mentoring to teach any user and is targeted at newbies with no experience. Other bonuses include other methods that will teach the user how to earn using the system. In total, there are 19 methods to earn money with this system.

ProjectPayday scam guarantees that there is NO COST to the user.  The “QuickStart” Training Guide is 65 pages long.  They claim that after reading only the first 17 pages and implementing the “Fast First Fifty” program and don’t make $ 50.00; they will pay you $ 100.00.

About The Founders

ProjectPayday was co-founded by Monika St John.  Reviews vary from claiming projectpayday scam is truly a scam, through to total thumbs up.  Monika herself hits back warning consumers not to be taken in by people branding ProjectPayday scam and then offering alternative money making systems that you have to pay big money for.  Not a lot of detail is available regarding these founders, but her presence on the internet has obviously riled many others.

ProjectPayday Scam Summary

There are a lot of “get rich quick” offers abounding on the internet today.  When assessed and tested, there are some genuine offers out there.  Ones that offer incredible amounts of money in a very short space of time are a bit dubious.  There may be some gurus that can achieve this, but for the average person these claims can be ludicrous.  It is also very hard to disprove their claims as they would state that you weren’t using the system properly and if they don’t tell you how to maximise it, you’ll never get what they claim.

The smaller, minimal investment offers might be the best to try out.  Reason being that you’re not losing large sums of money and if it doesn’t work out as planned, then your investment has probably taught you some invaluable information.  One such offer might be ProjectPayday scam that offers FREE accounts and training, so you really don’t have anything to lose except your time.

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Projectpayday Review

Projectpayday Review

Projectpayday is an online system that helps people, especially beginners, seeking some extra cash to make money online, without any initial investment cost. There are no fees to start off with this system, making it very attractive to people with no internet money making skills. This also makes it very risk free. In this projectpayday review, we look at the structure of this business, the requirements and bonuses and a brief overview of what the business is about. We also look at the founders of the system and what guarantees they have to offer.

The Business Model

ProjectPayDay is a free to join online earning program that involves large companies, which use it as a platform for advertising their products. Members of ProjectPayday, earn products from these companies by meeting required prerequisites. The system has a fast fifty program, which is, simply, a quick start guide. There is also a detailed project payday guide which teaches you three main methods to earn through with the projectpayday system.

Upon joining, you get access to detailed video tutorials and extra guides that explain to you how the system works, and also help you get up and running right from day one. Online counselors are also always on standby to help you with any questions or guidance that you may need. There are also other guides to teach you how to make money online in other ways other than the projectpayday way.

Getting Started

To start using this system, you will need to register with an email, a username and a password. This gives you access to the system and helps keep your account secure. There are different ways you will be able to earn from project payday, the primary one being trying products for free and getting paid for those products.

For example, assume that Apple is about to launch their next version of iphone. They will require opinions from their existing customers about how their products are or about the new features in the new product. For this, they will ask their existing users to test the new product and give a feedback. They will also provide cash incentives for the users who give feedback on the new iphone. This is how the main project payday system works. However, they also have traffic brokerage.

With projectpayday review, you join for free and they also promise to give you $100 in cash if you try it out, go through the fast first fifty training program and don’t make a dime. This shows confidence in their system.The system also has an option to try out the subscription service costing $4.95 for 7days, then $49.95 per month there after, payable via clickbank. Here you get access to step by step advanced training, an automated web-based prospecting system, a private members only affiliate network with the highest payouts, among other benefits.

The Owners/Founders

Founded by Jeff Walker and Monika St. Johns, project payday is a source of income for the average Joe’s, primarily open for US residents. It offers help and a source of wealth to those who have no capital to start a viable business.

Projectpayday Review Sumary

From this projectpayday review, we might assume that if you are looking for an easy and free way of making money online, then project pay day could be for you. Discretion of the program can change the opinion and interest in a given venture. Weigh things and ponder over the choices available for commitment.

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speed wealth formula

speed wealth formula

Website URL:

Business Model

The recipe for success in a home based business is finally out in the form of speed wealth formula. You might be able to start counting your money as you work the free hours of your days and weeks. See the nine laws offered in the form of a video presentation. The cost of access to this formula can be obtained by signing up at the website Selling the recipe is what you are required to do as the first step into this business.

Speed Wealth Formula Cost to Get Started, Fees, Bonuses and Guarantees

The access to success formula can be obtained at $197 and you can pay with your credit card. Hopefully the best part of a 30-day guarantee means you can get complete money back in case there is no satisfaction. There is an option to get access to a seminar for training in leadership.

About The Owners

Mark Hoverson is the designer of this super earning formula. Look at the testimonials of speed wealth formula and you will find there is no stated issue involved with the task offered. The information sought here is name, contact number, email and mailing address.

In Summary

The business runs with the help of repeated product sale to clients who have been trusted associates for long periods. There are many opportunities available to earn from the home based businesses. All you have to do is examine the prospects and legitimacy of the sources before paying any money. Use your resources, with speed wealth formula you might get the most benefits for a luxurious lifestyle.

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