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Gift Your Funds to

Is A Scam?

Gift Your Funds to

Brief About is an online training site designed for Scott Miller’s People’s Program. The company is based entirely on cash gifting. Cash gifting is a basic term where a particular amount of money is given as a gift without any related commitments or coercion. You gift your individual funds to another person without expecting anything in return. Gifting such funds to people helps us avoid estate taxation which hence proves useful for many people.

How Does Function?

The gifting system introduced by is completely gift oriented. The system is designed like a pyramid which hence makes it a bit doubtful on whether the fund gifting program is genuine or not.

  1. The payment system designed like a pyramid structure ensures that in return of your gift amount, you will receive a small percentage as a token. However, you may not receive other benefits of your contribution.
  2. The system is based on only gifting funds and nothing else. The company does not sell any products or services like any other online firm. Tools and Training Program

The company offers proper training programs and required tools that successfully help you market your cash gifting program. offers you a list of customizable videos, graphics and websites that help you design a presentation for your personal branding. This allows you to start your fund gifting system and earn the profits. So, be careful and make sure you understand every aspect of the YoullRetire gifting system before you step into it.

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