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Lifevantage Scam

Getting Behind the Truth About the Lifevantage Scam

Lifevantage Scam

It seems that no matter how much success an MLM opportunity has there’s no escaping the scam stigma that plagues the online market. Not that there is no truth to some of these so called scams, in fact, there is probably more MLM scams out there than legitimate ones, but some of them don’t deserve to be called as such, like the Lifevantage scam rumor.

The Lifevantage Business Model and Online Opportunity

Some people see Lifevantage as just another corporation competing in the health and industry market peddling anti-aging products. With the company’s MLM business structure, this market reputation is further exploited by naysayers as the network marketing concept is getting dragged down by other scrupulous online income opportunities using the same operation structure. Publicly traded, Lifevantage has always been a company that has kept its company and its operation open to public scrutiny. This is even more evident with their network marketing program.

As an MLM based company, Lifevantage provides the opportunity for people to partake in their highly profitable business and generate some extra income. Lifevantage offers the option of having a full or part time independent business as a distributor of their products.

As a distributor for Lifevantage you have two ways of making an income, first is through selling their products and second is by recruiting others to join the network and be a part of your MLM group. Selling Lifevantage offers a direct method of generating income as you make commission for every product that you sell, recruiting on the other hand offers various different incentives and methods of earning commissions. Like most MLM systems, the more persons you recruit the bigger chances you will have to earn commissions and bonuses as well as build a solid residual income which you can enjoy later on.  Maybe the Lifevantage scam is a rumor.

Costs of Becoming a Lifevantage Distributor and the Lifevantage Compensation Plan

Lifevantage offers various levels where a person can start becoming one of their distributors. The low rung starter kit costs $50 to avail and the higher distributor packs cost $600. Aside from the profits selling retail, there are six other compensation methods offered by the company, these include their Fast Start Bonus, Infinite Fast Start Bonus, Fast Start Bonus Pool, Royalty Commission, Generational Matching Bonus, and the Elite Bonus Pool.

The History and Roots of Lifevantage

Founded in 2003, Lifevantage experienced a skyrocketing rise in popularity and company growth in 2005 when ABC featured its products in one of its shows. This exposure propelled the company’s stocks and made it one of the more reliable companies in the health and wellness industry. Today, the company is spearheaded by its CEO and President David Brown.

The Lifevantage Scam Summary

Its solid reputation in the industry makes Lifevantage a potentally safe and reliable investment. The success of many of the Lifevantage independent distributors shows that there is probably not a Lifevantage scam to be afraid of and with the proper online marketing and distribution network, you too might find great success with Lifevantage.  Although we have only looked at the business operations and not the products of  Lifevantage.

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