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Plimus Scam

Exposing the Truth Behind the So-Called Plimus Scam

Plimus Scam

Established in 2001, Plimus has had a decade of existence in the online industry and throughout those years, it has established itself as one of the premier hubs for digital services and products. Despite its constant introduction of innovations and its reliability as an affiliate network, Plimus has become the subject of malicious attacks to tarnish its reputation and this has led to rumors of the Plimus scam.

Plimus Business Model and System

Like most online businesses and income opportunities these days, Plimus Scam has had its fair share of negative tirades focused at it. Most of the time, these are propagandas directed at steering away business from one company and leading them to their own. It’s difficult to bring a company like Plimus down though. As the business platform of choice for many companies for their online sales and promotion, Plimus has successfully brought together sellers, affiliates, and buyers together and has brought effective solutions for all ends of the online market.

The Plimus system works by offering an easy to use and navigate platform for sellers to showcase their products and promote its sales through a vast network of affiliates. Using this system, Plimus is able to direct high quality targeted traffic to their seller’s websites and generate remarkable sales conversions.

As a member of the Plimus affiliate network, an affiliate is given access to the Plimus Marketplace, a global lineup of digital products and services which can be easily marketed. Some products and services are pre-approved for affiliates to sell while other sellers require an affiliate to first make a request with them. The requirements to establishing a working affiliate relationship varies with every seller but once the relationship is established, the affiliate can now sell the products or promote the services in their own affiliate business.

Joining the Plimus Affiliate Network

One of the greatest aspects in becoming a part of the Plimus affiliate network is that it doesn’t cost a single dime to get a membership. All you need to do is to fill out a short registration form and submit it. Approval is fast and in fact, after choosing your preferred payment method, you can start browsing through the Plimus Marketplace and start selling right away.

All payment methods offered by Plimus are subjected to its policy of one a month payout plan with a minimum of $35 payment. Each payment comes with a payment charge of $2.

The Force Behind Plimus

Plimus was founded by Tomer Herzog and Daniel Kleinberg, both established internet marketers. Today, Plimus has Hagai Tai at its helm and has been its CEO since 2008. A highly reputed and influential leader in the internet business community, Hagai Tai has been the driving force behind the success of many internet startup companies and this spells good news for Plimus.

Plimus Scam The Verdict

It’s not really difficult to see Plimus could be a great choice for an affiliate network opportunity. There are no known startup costs; there is a wide range of product and service options to choose from, and its affiliation with many well-known companies might make it a solid company to start a business with. So there might not be a Plimus scam.

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