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ProjectPayday Scam

Is There Any Truth in ProjectPayday Scam?

ProjectPayday Scam

Amongst all the offers that are on the internet today are free systems that offer to assist you to make money. One such offer could be ProjectPayday scam.  The question that can be asked is ProjectPayday scam or for real?  To evaluate this, an overview of what it comprises of will give an indication.

Business Model

The basic concept of the projectpayday system works on showing the user how to sign up and promote “CPA Offers.”  CPA stands for “Cost Per Action” and is basically incentivised offers that are promoted to consumers to take action.  When they do take action, you receive payment.  For example, the offer could be “Enter Your Email Address to Win a Free iPad” or “Complete Your Details to Receive a Free Weight Loss Program.”  So the business model is that you sign up for these types of offers and promote them by driving traffic to them.  You then receive commission when someone fills out their details or accepts the trial.

There are many people out there who are actually earning money doing this.  The thing to ensure is that you are really promoting something that you will get return on.  There are many positive feedbacks regarding ProjectPayday, but there are also many negative responses as well.  Unfortunately, you will find this in relation to many money making offers on the internet.

How To Get Started, Fees, Bonuses & Guarentees

Getting started with ProjectPayday scam is very easy. You create a free account and then follow the instructions given.  Using the system, they claim that it is possible to start earning money from the very first day, after spending a total of 4 hours: 2 hours of training and then a further 2 hours of implementation.  The idea is for the user to understand the system entirely before promoting it, so as to earn money via PayPal.  The claims of amounts that can be earned might be unrealistic.  No special skills are required- anyone can do it.

There are no fees at all to sign up and the average person can earn up to $ 44.00 per hour.  Project Payday offers FREE mentoring to teach any user and is targeted at newbies with no experience. Other bonuses include other methods that will teach the user how to earn using the system. In total, there are 19 methods to earn money with this system.

ProjectPayday scam guarantees that there is NO COST to the user.  The “QuickStart” Training Guide is 65 pages long.  They claim that after reading only the first 17 pages and implementing the “Fast First Fifty” program and don’t make $ 50.00; they will pay you $ 100.00.

About The Founders

ProjectPayday was co-founded by Monika St John.  Reviews vary from claiming projectpayday scam is truly a scam, through to total thumbs up.  Monika herself hits back warning consumers not to be taken in by people branding ProjectPayday scam and then offering alternative money making systems that you have to pay big money for.  Not a lot of detail is available regarding these founders, but her presence on the internet has obviously riled many others.

ProjectPayday Scam Summary

There are a lot of “get rich quick” offers abounding on the internet today.  When assessed and tested, there are some genuine offers out there.  Ones that offer incredible amounts of money in a very short space of time are a bit dubious.  There may be some gurus that can achieve this, but for the average person these claims can be ludicrous.  It is also very hard to disprove their claims as they would state that you weren’t using the system properly and if they don’t tell you how to maximise it, you’ll never get what they claim.

The smaller, minimal investment offers might be the best to try out.  Reason being that you’re not losing large sums of money and if it doesn’t work out as planned, then your investment has probably taught you some invaluable information.  One such offer might be ProjectPayday scam that offers FREE accounts and training, so you really don’t have anything to lose except your time.

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