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Surveyhead: An Industry Leading Online Survey Website


Surveyhead’s dominance over the paid online survey industry is no small thing. It’s a tremendously huge market that’s very competitive. Its consistent growth is due to the fact that it’s one of the easiest and fastest ways to earn some cash online plus it’s a highly effective marketing research platform for businesses.

Who is Surveyhead?

A paid survey website operating on a global scale, Surveyhead network has consistently ranked among the top three companies in its business sector. The simplicity and straightforwardness of its business process is what makes Surveyhead highly appealing. It’s all about getting paid for taking surveys and nothing more. You don’t have to make any efforts towards affiliate marketing, recruiting sign ups, and do any selling at all.

The sign up process is fast and pain free and if you want to qualify for more surveys you should take the extra profile surveys to give the company a better chance to place you in survey categories where you would be a good candidate as a panel member. Once you have created your account, Surveyhead will be sending notifications to you when you log in to their site and then you can choose which surveys you want to participate in. Each survey you finish will be credited to your account once the whole survey project is closed. The time between your credit changes from a “pending” to “earned” status varies depending on how large the survey is. To be able to redeem your earnings you will first have to reach the ten dollar minimum cash out.

Surveyhead Financial Concerns

The first thing most people ask about online income opportunities is the cost required to avail of the opportunity. With Surveyhead there is actually none. You don’t have to pay any membership fees or monthly and annual dues to join the Surveyhead network.

The next question would be about the earning potential. Like most paid survey websites, your capacity to build a huge payout depends on how many surveys you take. This is why it’s important to take the additional profile surveys. As the company learns more about you, you will be able to qualify for more surveys and be invited to participate in them. These additional profile surveys alone can earn you a small amount to your account.

Company Leadership

Perhaps one of the more solid indicators as to the legitimacy and potential of a company is the people that owns and leads it. Surveyhead was founded by Matthew Dugis and Gregg Lavin, and this is the same successful partnership which founded the similar online survey site

Final Thoughts on Surveyhead

While there may be some negative feedback  from a few people about the company, this doesn’t affect the fact that Surveyhead is a legitimate paid online survey website that doesn’t even require membership costs to begin with. Giving it a try would be of no risk and you may just be pleasantly surprised at how relatively easy it is to make a little cash at your home in your free time with them.

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