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CreateSpace Scam

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CreateSpace Scam

The true story on CreateSpace scam. It’s true that no company has ever been spared or will ever be free from any controversy or intrigue. But for companies that have created such a huge reputation and presence in the online retail industry, it’s difficult to think that such controversies would be as lowly as online scams. Being one of the pillars of the online market, Amazon.com is not likely to stoop down low as to create a scam to tarnish its name, even with its subsidiaries. That’s why it’s ridiculous to think that a CreateSpace scam actually exists and for such a notion to build any shred of credibility would be nearly impossible.

Overview of CreateSpace

CreateSpace is a combination of two online services both of which were acquired by Amazon.com in 2005. One part of CreateSpace is a DVD on-Demand company known then as CustomFlix when it was first launched in 2002. CustomFlix was a service provider that provided a channel for independent filmmakers to distribute their projects to a wider audience. The other half of CreateSpace is BookSurge, which basically operates on the same premise as CustomFlix but this service is directed towards writers. BookSurge provided an avenue where independent writers are able to publish their own work and offer them online while keeping their rights over their work.

CreateSpace was launched in 2007 with initially the CustomFlix business model being the core system. It was basically a name change made by Amazon.com on CustomFlix. Two years later though, seeing that both CreateSpace and BookSurge are catering to the same basic service principles, the print publishing company was integrated to create the company CreateSpace existing today. Which is the company in the middle of CreateSpace Scam.

Tagged as a Print On Demand self-publishing service, CreateSpace is marketed as a free POD online service. This company offers a wide variety of publishing solutions through a multitude of easy to use online publishing tools. Designed to be used by both beginners and publishing experts, these tools essentially cover all the stages and processes of creating, designing, and publishing the final outcome of your project.

Costs for Publishing on CreateSpace

Standard membership is free, but costs will be incurred when you print the project and for shipping your proof copies. This free standard membership comes with several services and features. Once you have finished your project, you can sell it through Amazon.com. Aside from your own website, you can’t sell your published work on any other platform though, unless you upgrade to the Pro Plan. This $39 plus $5 per product annual fee upgrade will allow you to expand your distribution channels to sell and market your work. Costs for printing proofs will also go lower with a plan upgrade.

The CreateSpace Founders

As mentioned above, CreateSpace was founded by Amazon.com with the merging and integration of their two subsidiary companies.

The CreateSpace Scam Conclusion

The company offers comparably lower costing services and they don’t push members hard to upgrade to higher plans. With services growing stronger and publishing tools becoming easier to use, CreateSpace is certainly the company to choose first. The fact that CreateSpace is from Amazon.com is reason enough to dispel any rumors or intrigues of a CreateSpace scam.

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