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Wix Review

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Wix Review

As you will see in this Wix review. There was a time when the internet population consisted mainly of people that either had an online business and invested a lot of money to have a professional build their website or were fortunate enough to have the skills and knowledge to build one for their own. Since then, the online population number has skyrocketed to gigantic proportions and almost everybody has their own site. Thanks to companies like Wix, anyone today can have an amazing looking website without having to shell out a ton of money.

The Wix Review: Business Overview

A website builder that focuses on Adobe’s flash technology, Wix is one of the easiest and most intuitive website building and editing tools available today. And unlike other basic website builder service providers, Wix allows their users to create websites optimized for search engines.

Before anything else though, you first would need to sign up with the site. It’s a quick and basic sign up process where all you have to do is submit your email address and verify it. After that you’re good to go.

Once your account has been verified, you can now start building your website. Wix offers a wide gallery of website templates which you can fully customize to make it your own. You have the option to start with a blank template but if you’re not getting any design inspirations, you can choose an existing design template to get started.

Wix provides a myriad of easy to use editing tools to let you easily customize the template and let you incorporate your own content. If you’re finding some difficulty using their website building tools, you can always get step by step assistance from the site. As we found while gathering information for this Wix review.

When you’re done and satisfied with your work, Wix will now save it in their database and you can just simply connect it to your domain. Plus, you can always access it from their database if you want to add, edit, or tweak your website.

The Wix No Cost Website Building Service

That’s right, becoming a part of the Wix website building program won’t cost you anything. Yes you’re doing the actual website building, but you’re using their technology, which is one of the most powerful today, and you’re not going to be charged for it. If you want more from the service, you can upgrade the basic free plan to any of the four premium plans the company offers. The lowest plan tagged as My Domain, costs $4.95 a month and this allows you to use what you have made in your own domain, get a website compliant with Google Analytics, and have premium support from the company. The premier E-Commerce plan, which costs $15.90 a month, comes with all the benefits of the lower premium plans plus a shopping cart.

The Company Roots

Founded by the successful triumvirate of Giora Kaplan, Avishai Abrahami, and Nadavi Abrahami, Wix has grown beyond expectations in the 6 short years since it was established in 2005. As of late, there has been almost thirteen and a half million websites created using their website building tools.

The Wix Review Summary

My opinion in this Wix review. Wix is definitely a cut above the rest if you never want to acctually own your website. Its delivery of amazing technology in a simple process makes Wix a great choice for the general population, probably not a great choice for entreprenors. Its low cost plans, and especially its free membership, offers a no lose situation for those just wanting to have a web presence for fun.

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