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Is There A Toluna Scam?

What is the Reality Behind the Toluna Scam?

Is There A Toluna Scam?

What is Toluna and How Does it Work?

Touted as the foremost leader in the independent online poll and survey technology industry worldwide, Toluna is a byword when it comes to global market research and with offices in three of the most lucrative continents, North America, Europe, and Asia, its reputation is as solid as a rock.

If you have seen online surveys then you basically have an idea of what Toluna is all about and there  might not be a  Toluna Scam. The company offers the opportunity for people to make money by taking these online surveys. What sets Toluna apart from other online survey sites is that you don’t have to pay to get the opportunity to earn an income. Another difference with Toluna is that they don’t give outright payments to participants; instead, for each survey that is completed by a member, he or she will receive points which can accumulate and be cashed out upon reaching a minimum of 60,000 points.

Signing up can already earn you 500 points, each survey may have various corresponding points with the minimum set at 1000. The more surveys you take, the more points you can accumulate. You can also earn points by becoming a part of their social network and get people to join polls and forums that you create. The more people that participates your polls the more points you will be able to earn. Inviting others to join the Toluna network will give you 500 points for every signup that you make. Because of the points system some people are confused and claim there is a Toluna scam.

Membership with Toluna

Perhaps this is one of the best attractions of Toluna. Answering surveys is the easiest means of making money online, it only takes a few minutes, and doesn’t require any special skills at all. But the downside here is that answering surveys don’t really offer the big bucks that you may look for in an online income generating opportunity. With Toluna though, you can have the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars or win premium items by joining their monthly Special Sweepstakes. Each member is eligible to join the monthly drawing and for 500 points you can get an extra entry.

Toluna Founder and CEO

Toluna’s founder Frederic-Charles Petit has remained at the forefront of the company since its inception and his success as its leader has resulted to amazing growth. This success has resulted to the acquisition of other online survey sites like Greenfield Online and Your2Cents proving that the company is expanding and becoming more solid as an industry leader.

Toluna Scam The Conclusion

Without a doubt Toluna is a legitimate online opportunity. It may not deliver the big bucks but more importantly it will deliver. Some people may find that the point system of Toluna takes too long to give them the money they earned with the program and this has probably led to the reason why some people think that there is a Toluna scam. You have to remember that although there are tons of surveys being offered by Toluna there are also tons of people taking them. So you may not get many surveys or qualify for specialized polls but you will get paid for the work you did and you have many other opportunities to earn an income with the company.

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